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7203337 Adapter Lattice beam 750 G
7203338 Adapter Lattice beam 450 G
7203339 Adapter Lattice beam 750 adjustable G
7203337 Adapter Lattice beam 750 Fzv
Weight 6,9 kg

7203338 Adapter Lattice beam 450 Fzv
Weight 5,8 kg

Adapters for fitting 750 AL and 450 AL lattice beams to FSSH standards.

The top of the lattice beam is set at the same level as that of other beams fitted into the group of pockets.

Each adapter is fitted to the lattice beam using four 12 mm spring pins or using M12 bolts and lock nuts.

For permitted loads, please contact HAKI’s technical department.

7203339 Adapter Lattice beam 750 adjustable G
Weight 21,0 kg

For 750 AL lattice beams, a special adapter variant is also available. This makes the height of the lattice beam continuously adjustable, allowing, for example, a landing platform to be brought exactly into line with an existing floor structure.

Total adjustability: 500 mm, from +375 mm to -125 mm.
Adapters for fitting 750 AL and 450 AL lattice beams to FSSH standards

7014003 Canopy support G
Weight 7,0 kg

New canopy support for HAKI canopy roofs. The support is designed to be fitted directly onto the top of a standard.

A standard is used as an extension tube (maximum FSSH 1000).

The maximum width of the canopy roof is 1275 mm.

PLEASE NOTE: The lower spigot joint of the supporting standard must be below the beam node of the lift, and the joints in the canopy roof must be locked using spring clips.

HAKI Canopy Roof is a weather protection system for fitting to the top lift of a HAKI scaffold. The framework of HAKI Canopy Roof consists of canopy supports extended by standards in combination with guardrail frames and beams. The framework is covered with HAKITEC sheeting.


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