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HAKI Ram is a quickly erected narrow scaffold system with a complete range of brackets, access steps, etc. A fast and easy-to-erect system that is particularly well suited to facade work.

HAKI Ram has a simple design with quickly erected, closed frames. With lightweight stackable aluminium decking and self-bracing guardrail frames that do not need diagonal braces, the scaffold is speedily put up.

The extensive range of accessories makes it possible to access even such tricky places as canopies and bay windows.

Type examined by the SP Swedish National Testing and Research Institute in accordance with AFS 1990:12 and SS-HD 1000 – Certificate no. 14 55 04 and 14 55 08 – for load class 3 (2.0 kN/m2). Calculations were done according to SP method 1172.

Frames and guardrail frames are supplied in hot-dip galvanized steel or in aluminium. The decking consists of aluminium framework and slip-resistant plywood.

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