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HAKI Universal

HAKI Universal is a modular scaffolding for all types of applications, from the simple to the complicated. Suitable for even advanced constructions in building projects, industries, shipyards, offshore installations and refineries.

The scaffolding system is particularly flexible with respect to bay size and load class and is compatible with HAKI Ram and earlier HAKI generations.

Type Examination Certificate in accordance with the requirements of AFS 1990:12 and SS-HD 1000 - Certificate No. 14 55 01 – for load classes 1 - 6 (0.75 - 6.0kN/m2).

The accessories program consists of a range from brackets, ladders and stairs to components for suspended scaffolding.

The components can also be used for erection of stair towers, mobile towers, sign towers, stages, stands and other temporary constructions and be included in HAKITEC Weather protection systems.

Designed standard

HAKI standard is designed to meet all current European regulations, directives and standards, and is ideally suited to modern scaffolding methods and production techniques.

The gently rounded tube end simplifies erection.

Spigot with 150 mm straight-face and an outside diameter of 38 mm gives a joint with optimum rigidity.

Standard tube and spigot are manufactured as a single unit without welding. Using modern technique the end of the tube is converted into a spigot in three steps. It can’t be safer.

The wide spacing between groups of pockets, with an outside diameter of just 48 mm, makes it easier to fit diagonals, ties, couplers and other accessories.

Pockets at the same level mean that the connecting beams are also at one level which gives decking flat in every direction. There are no dangerous edges to trip over at corners or at stairways and brackets.

Holes punched in the top and bottom of all standards makes it a quick and easy task to strengthen the splice with locking pins for lifting and tensile forces. The permissible tensile load is 20.0 kN (2000 kp).

Patented spring locking catch

The spring locking catch makes the erection easy and safe.

The spring locking catch is primarily designed for manual locking. The catch can be moved easily with the thumb to a distinctly locked or unlocked position. The spring locking catch makes it possible to erect from distance There is no risk of any moving parts of the construction jamming as a result of painting, blasting and corrosion.

Easy identification

Horizontals and diagonals are marked with their modular dimensions (cc size standards) and color code. The marking is an excellent means of identification when erecting and handling the scaffolding materials.

Available in two alternatives

Galvanized – for long-term surface protection
Aluminum – lowest weight

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