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Brecon Scaffolding

Two structures 82 m long, 6 m high to working platform. The Tube & Fittings structure took 6 days, the HAKI Universal structure took only 2 days.


Project Brief
Brecon Scaffolding secured a contract to supply access scaffolding for a contractor repairing a roof on a large DIY store in Worcester.


Key Project Obstacles
Brecon scaffolding built two structures 82 m long and 6 m high to the working platform, one in HAKI and one in traditional tube and fittings.

The tube and fitting structure was built at the front of the building which gave easy access for a lorry to unload equipment directly to the site. The HAKI structure was erected at the back of the store where there was no access for a lorry.

Also at the rear of the building there was fixed racking which was not permitted to be dismantled and therefore the scaffold had to be designed to work around it.


HAKI Solutions
Due to the low number of components in the HAKI system and the lightweight nature of the materials, the distance the scaffolders needed to carry the equipment from the lorry to the site was no issue.

The adaptability of the HAKI Universal system came into its own when working around the fixed racking. By using the shorter standards from the range of sizes available from HAKI, as well as utilizing the load bearing ledger with beam riders to create off node connections, designing and building a close scaffold around the racking was simple.


HAKI Benefits
The tube and fitting structure took 6 days to complete with a team of three scaffolders and materials delivered directly to the site.

The HAKI structure took only 2 days to complete by three scaffolders who had not previously used the system.

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