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Polimeri Europa South Sphere in England

The project was completed ahead of schedule and compliant with SG4:10 using collective measures

Project Brief
Supply access to eleven legs and all penetrations of the south sphere in order to remove the fire protective coating to allow NDT testing to the steelwork.

Fully encapsulate structure with a temporary roof and sides sheeted.

Key Project Obstacles
Complex structure requiring a roof to withstand strong winds and snow.  Lack of suitable tie-points at the legs of the structure.

HAKI Solutions
The HAKI® Universal system scaffold was specified by Cape because of the adaptability of the system. The HAKI ledger beam has load bearing capabilities which means you can “punch off” anywhere, horizontally and vertically – just like tube and fittings.
There is no need for ledger brace and the 3m long bays allow clear access to the workface.
The HAKITEC® roof system was used to ensure a cost effective weather proof environment. The sheeting allowed 80/90% of natural light to maintain a  good working environment.
As an added benefit if unforeseen problems occurred where additional materials needed to be craned into the work area, the HAKI roof enabled access at any point through the roof.

HAKI Benefits
The project was completed ahead of schedule and to full SG4:10 compliance using collective measures.
A highly effective system that provided full weather containment.

Client Feedback
"The South Sphere was always going to be a challenging project due the complex shape and the ever changing scope of work. I am impressed with the HAKI system and more importantly their support during the construction of this project. Overall I wholly endorse the HAKI System and can see great benefits going forward".  - Darren Cotton, Cape Maintenance Outage Manager

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