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Some milestones in HAKI’s history

  1. 1910

    Blacksmith Anders Olsson rents the smithy in Sibbhult

  2. 1915

    Olle and Agne Olsson take over the smithy and build a new workshop called Bröderna Olssons Mekaniska verkstad

  3. 1944

    Olsson’s two sons, Olle and Agne, start working in the smithy. They start manufacturing “stump pullers” and jib cranes a year or so later

  4. 1956

    HAKI Universal receives the first type approval from the Swedish National Board of Occupational Safety and Health

  5. 1962

    The company builds a new workshop and new offices in Sibbhult

  6. 1968

    The company name is changed to HAKI-produkter AB

  7. 1969

    Launch of shoring tower system for casting viaducts and bridge pillars

  8. 1972

    Marketing and sales are taken over in-house. The workshop area is doubled in size and new offices built

  9. 1974

    Stair tower 3.0 x 1.6 m with six standards receives type approval

  10. 1976

    The owners sell HAKI-produkter AB to Sponsor AB and Bertil Jönsson is appointed Managing Director

  11. 1977

    Introduction of HAKAL aluminum scaffolding and Morgen height-adjustable scaffolding for wall construction

  12. 1978

    HAKI Ram receives type approval

  13. 1980

    Shuttering systems added as a new product line for the company

  14. 1981

    The company buys an industrial site and offices in Sibbhult as the business is expanded

  15. 1983

    Standards with socket joints and HAKI Stair Tower with four standards receives type approval

  16. 1983

    HAKI-produkter AB joins the stock market’s OTC list

  17. 1986

    Development of the HAKITEC weather protection system begins

  18. 1986

    Industri AB Österlen acquires all the shares in the company and its name is changed to HAKI AB

  19. 1989

    Patent taken out on the design of the single tube beam ERB. The shape of the ends of the tube provided stronger joints in the scaffolding

  20. 1990

    Industri AB Österlen is acquired by Prosparitas

  21. 1991

    Midway acquires Prosparitas and thus becomes the new owner of HAKI AB

  22. 1999

    Bengt Olsson becomes the new Managing Director of HAKI AB

  23. 2001

    Standard FSSH with pockets at the same level and re-engineered spigot launched together with spring locking catches on beams. Provided safer scaffolding without tripping edges and easier assembly

  24. 2002

    HAKITEC 750 weather protection system and HAKI Universal Aluminum are launched

  25. 2003

    Change of color from red to blue on the painted version. Introduction of HAKI color-coded labelling. Handling and assembly simplified

  26. 2004

    High-tensile steel introduced in scaffolding systems. The same strength but thinner materials result in a lower weight

  27. 2005

    Switch to solely galvanised design and continued reduction of weight of beams and guardrails

  28. 2005

    HAKI Symmetrical Stair Tower launched

  29. 2006

    HAKI 50 1956–2006 JUBILEE YEAR

  30. 2007

    Production of the last HAKI Original standard with bayonet fitting

  31. 2009

    Weight of LBL ledger beam further reduced by optimising the design

  32. 2010

    HAKI Light scaffolding system with octagonal tube launched

  33. 2012

    Lighter components due to switch to octagonal tubes in all guardrails

  34. 2013

    HAKI Public Staircase System PAS launched. Safe stairway for public purposes

  35. 2014

    HAKI Aluminum standards S4 and S6 made completely weld-free and manufactured in a robotic cell

  36. 2014

    HAKI Universal Standard S with a new type of welding and manufactured in a robotic cell

  37. 2015

    HAKI Bridge System HBS launched. Large spans with high load capacity

  38. 2016

    For 60 years HAKI has helped its customers to work safely and efficiently on temporary workplaces in a very wide range of environments.

  39. 2019

    Span Access Solutions Ltd is acquired by HAKI