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HAKI values are the spirit of our organisation and a face to the world. They give us a common identity, a sense of purpose and guide for our way of working with customers, suppliers and stakeholders alike.


A scaffold is a place of work and a safe and healthy workplace is our number one priority at HAKI. We continuously work to improve the safety and health of our employees, customers and suppliers – helping those who work on our access solutions get home safely to their families. As such, we are ambassadors of safe working practices that meet or exceed laws and regulations.


Quality defines our thinking and work practices as well as our relationships. Working to a high standard from the beginning enables us to develop excellent product solutions and services together with our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.


Adaptability allows us to change effectively. Our products are infinitely adaptable by utilizing a low number of multifunctional components. We mirror this philosophy in our way of thinking, acting and working.

Long-term partnerships

We strive to be a Long Term Partner to all stakeholders. To our customers we want to be seen as a trusted advisor and a strategic partner. To our employees we offer attractive personal and professional career development. To our suppliers and owners we will work together to provide sustainable and profitable return on their investments.



Let HAKI’s global team of experts find you a safe, adaptable access solution.