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Beam Riders

The HAKI Beam Rider is the key component which makes the HAKI Universal scaffolding system so adaptable and versatile.

Off-node connections made simple

Beam riders enable off-node connections removing the need for additional support legs. This is useful when creating returns, building scaffolding around challenging structures or to fit around piping and ducting.

The beam riders are mounted on ledgers or transoms and the locking screws tightened by hand. Ledger beams or transoms can then be locked into the pockets of the beam riders.

Ultimate adaptability and productivity

When using the beam riders, ledgers and transoms can be fitted at right angles to one another anywhere in the scaffolding.

They can also be used to create supports when using scaffold boards with the system.

Ultimately, beam riders result in an increase in productivity, as fewer components are required and larger bay sizes can be utilized.