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New Pocket Coupler enhances Universal adaptability

HAKI has developed a Pocket Coupler to complement the existing Universal scaffolding system, in a response to customer and wider market demand.

The new Pocket Coupler gives further adaptability to the system, so users can achieve a similar level of variation vertically as they have been able to do so horizontally using the load-bearing ledger beam. By being able to punch or connect vertically or laterally anywhere along the beam, the coupler gives more options and solutions to what can be achieved using HAKI Universal. This is a shift away from the previous constraints of 500mm vertical increments and means that platforms can be built at required heights.

Area sales manager Tom Cook, who helped identify the market requirement for the component, said:

The development of the Pocket Coupler was as a response to the market changes our customers were experiencing. With more complex builds requiring lifts at different levels due to the increased variability constructions, our customers were asked to bring innovation and supply solutions, and the new coupler helps them in doing this.”

There a three main options of assembly when using the new component:

  1. 1. Two pocket couplers mounted on free height and angle between existing pockets
  2. 2. One pocket coupler above existing pocket
  3. 3. One pocket coupler below existing pocket

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