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Safety is the highest priority on temporary access projects

With safety ever-critical in the scaffold and temporary access sectors, on complex projects it is essential to create quality working environments that assure workers’ and, in some cases, the general public’s security. Jan Mellgren from HAKI SE takes us through the company’s new, fully-compliant product developments to explain how temporary access solutions can be specified to reflect a customer’s individual needs. In doing so, they provide the optimum conditions for people’s safety.

At HAKI there are three things that we are renowned for globally: safety, quality and innovation. This is our Holy Trinity which filters throughout everything we do as an international temporary access and system scaffold business.

Product development

Safety, quality and innovation are essential to our product development, ensuring we give prospective and current customers the very best solution and service that is available. HAKI prides itself on delivering the best quality products that set the standards for others to follow.

All of the products are tested to ensure high strength and durability, while procurement is traced from raw material to finished component. This mentality ensures component quality, which is a huge assurance to HAKI customers. Products also come with a two-year warranty and comply with a raft of international and European standards including the suite ISO 9001:2015, the standard for quality management.

HAKI innovates its products in such a way that they fulfil all manner of complex requirements across construction, infrastructure, oil and gas projects. However, HAKI also has the skill and flexibility to meet clients’ bespoke demands when it comes to design and distribution.

Span Access acquisition

HAKI has worked with Span Access Solutions Ltd for many years and acquired the company in late 2019. The two companies are very like-minded and focused on identifying solutions for safe work in complex environments. Products such as Span Access’s TechniSpan™ – a safe and efficient alternative to under-deck scaffolds – are now part of HAKI’s portfolio. It will see the business offer more solutions for safer practices during temporary works, particularly in the challenging offshore, oil and gas, renewable energy and infrastructure industries.

New product: HAKI TKS 750

HAKI is launching its latest weather protection system, HAKI TKS 750. The product is easy to handle and 50% faster to erect and dismantle than other products on the market. HAKI TKS 750 sets the safety and quality standards for others to follow and reinforces HAKI’s leading position in the temporary access and system scaffold international market.

HAKI TKS 750 is available in a variety of different lengths – 1.25m, 2.25m and 3.25m – to suit the many requirements of all manner of construction and infrastructure projects. Such is its versatility, safety and innovation; it is possible to build spans of up to an impressive 30m without reinforcement. This distinguishes HAKI TKS 750 from other systems on the market, which with integrated track are typically limited to approximately 22m.

Safety is critical on construction and infrastructure projects and we all have a responsibility to create safe working environments that assure projects go ahead securely. It is why HAKI has become a pioneer in innovation, quality and safety, so much so that these aspects are now in our very DNA. Where safety essential, there is no other top priority.