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ScaffMag interview: CEO Thomas Schüller on the future of HAKI

”In a word, exciting,” Thomas Schüller responds when asked how his first five months as the new HAKI CEO have been.

Discussing how, in 2018 alone, the business has introduced the HAKI Bridge System (HBS) and Public Access Stair (PAS), Thomas also sheds light on HAKI’s pioneering technology for use in both scaffolding design and training – including an exciting new BIM project and HAKI mobile app – and the launch of two new training facilities in the UK and Sweden.

Talking more about the future of HAKI, Thomas highlights how the business is keen to help more contractors in the construction, rail, and infrastructure sectors follow in the footsteps of those in the offshore and oil and gas industries, by utilising a system scaffolding range to achieve superior safety and enhanced productivity. He is particularly proud of the recent projects HAKI has been involved in, such as the maintenance of the MÆRSK INSPIRER and CETAC circular tank, and the construction of ‘The Ropeworks’ in Edinburgh, and is optimistic about supporting more like these in the near future.

Thomas’s confidence in the HAKI Universal scaffolding range also shines through in the interview, saying: “I could go on forever as to why HAKI outperforms the old-fashioned, outmoded tube and fitting scaffolding ways. The truth is, some people just do not like change. But it’s survival of the fittest out there and having modern HAKI systems gives our clients a competitive edge.”

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