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Cladding System

The HAKI cladding system is the ideal solution for site hoarding, stair and bridge enclosures, noise reduction and improving public safety. It is compatible with scaffolding systems and traditional tube & fitting scaffold – and is commonly used with our HAKI Bridge System and Public Access Stair.

HAKI cladding panels are made from lightweight, toughened plastic with fire resistant and noise reduction properties. They come in a range of sizes from 1250 x 250mm through to 3050 x 500mm to fit HAKI Universal bay sizes, or can be cut to size from the initial 12′ sections to fit smaller dimensions. Corner panels are also available.

Panels can be easily installed by one-person, sliding easily into the specifically-designed HAKI aluminium cladding track, which can be fixed to scaffold using Universal adaptors, saddle clamps or coupler clamps and joined together using a joiner plate; to create safe enclosures around structures. When not in use, the panels are easily stored, ready for reuse.

Why HAKI Cladding?

  1. 1. Deter unauthorized access to work sites
  2. 2. Reduce noise pollution in public areas
  3. 3. Prevent falling objects from temporary stairs, bridges or working platforms
  4. 4. Create rigid structures or staging for special events
  5. 5. Enhance facades with personalised print wraps
  6. 6. Panels are made from toughened plastic with noise reduction and fire resistant properties
  7. 7. One-man installation is possible with lightweight panels and the HAKI Cladding TrackĀ 

Cladding panels can also be customised with personal print wraps to enhance facades or promote brands to the public.

The cladding system can also be used to create swing doors for stair towers, to provide security when not in use.


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