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Slim Stair (UTV)

The space-saving HAKI Slim Stair (UTV) replaces the ladder inside and outside of a scaffold.

At only 600mm wide, the UTV has the smallest footprint in the HAKI stair range. It maximizes utilization of compact spaces and is designed improve safety by replacing ladders on site.

The modular stair is very quick to assemble, using only three main components: the one-piece UTV stair, self-bracing handrail and inner handrail, and is compatible with both HAKI Universal and traditional tube and fitting scaffolds. The aluminium stair flight is also extremely lightweight at just 29.2kg.

The convenient 44° angle of inclination offers optimum user comfort, while anti-slip steps and locking devices at each end provide superior safety when working at height.

Summary of main benefits:

  1. 1. 600mm wide UTV replaces ladders for superior safety
  2. 2. Just 3 components for quick and easy assembly
  3. 3. Lightweight, modular stair flight is just 29.2kg
  4. 4. Locking devices at each end and anti-slip steps

  5. Contact your local HAKI team today for more information.


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