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The HAKI Stair Tower

HAKI is famous for our market-leading Stair Tower. As the strongest on the market, with a 4kN/m² loading class, the Stair Tower is trusted by contractors worldwide for heightened safety, adaptability and speed.

The temporary access solution is recognised by industry bodies such as the Considerate Constructors Scheme, as a suggested replacement for ladders to provide safer access and egress on sites.

HAKI’s unique ‘hook-on’ locking catch system makes the Stair Tower robust, so it is at less risk of displacement. And with fewer, prefabricated components than some other systems, the solution reduces the danger of human error and falling materials. The newer, MK2 Symmetrical Stair Tower also offers flush landings to reduce trip and head injuries and flights are approximately 25% lighter.

Aligned with HAKI’s value of adaptability, the Stair Tower is available in 2m, 1.5m and 1m lifts. It can be configured in a variety of arrangements – including clockwise and anti-clockwise ascents, and parallel, twin stair flights. As a result, this makes the solution ideal for use in a vast range of markets, from house-building and construction, through to oil and gas and offshore environments.

If you have limited space or require a stair tower for light-duty applications, the HAKI Compact Stair Tower might be more suitable.


  • Market-leading 4kN/m² loading
  • Advanced Guard Rail for collective measures and fall-prevention
  • Non-slip treads and flush landings for reduced trip hazards
  • Option of 2m, 1.5m and 1m lifts
  • Adaptable configurations including double-width stairs
    and multi-directional access ways
  • Erect as independent entity or integrate into a scaffold
  • Simple ‘hook-on’ locking catch system for quick erection
  • Reusable components compatible with other HAKI solutions
  • Product training available to encourage safe erection and use

Project case study: The Ropeworks, Edinburgh

Throughout 2018, a substantial 280 tonnes of HAKI Universal Scaffolding, Stair Towers and Loading Towers – the single biggest HAKI job undertaken by Enigma Industrial Services in Edinburgh – was erected on ‘The Ropeworks’ construction site, over eight lifts.

Click here to view the full case study.


Let HAKI’s global team of experts find you a safe, adaptable access solution.