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HAKI Tripod

The HAKI Tripod is designed for really demanding scaffolding jobs where leg loads are high. Permissible leg loads of up to 200kN can be achieved for propping and shoring applications. The HAKI Tripod also doubles as rolling track for mobile scaffolds and the HAKITEC temporary roof system.

Fully compatible with the HAKI Universal and as horizontals and diagonals, it uses standard HAKI Universal components. Start with the HAKI Tripod as an upright and finish with a standard when the load has decreased.


  • As a shoring system
  • For greater standard loads in, for example, loading towers, gantries and tall stair towers
  • For the base of scaffolding where space is limited
  • For great tying-in intervals with significantly greater loads than for normal standards

Examples of permissible loads per tripod:

  • With a single BS base jack in one tube – up to 50 kN (5 tons)
  • With BS 48 base jack and 48 adapter – up to 80 kN (8 tons)
  • With BS 60 base jack and adapter – up to 200 kN (20 tons)

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