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HAKI Universal Aluminium

HAKI Universal Aluminium scaffolding is safer, stronger and lighter than ever.

100% aluminium components

100% aluminium components make the Universal Aluminium system our lightest yet. At 50% lighter than our steel system, it is easier for manual handling; carrying health and safety benefits for workers using the product.

Suitable for challenging environments

Aluminium scaffolding is also more suitable for challenging environments, like offshore, as it doesn’t rust, requires little maintenance, and is lighter when it comes to transportation to and from land.

Improved production

The new production method for the lightweight aluminium standard improves the quality of the tube and the pockets. By ‘punching’ the pockets in place on both the HAKI S6 and S4 aluminium standards, it does not alter the integrity of the metal.

  • S4 = the Standard tube is 4mm thick, meaning it is compatible with steel Universal components and the standard base jack
  • S6 = the Standard tube is 6mm thick. Due to the increase in diameter is 10-15% stronger than the S4.
HAKI Universal AL

Understand how to use HAKI Universal Aluminium to erect safe scaffolding structures