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Suspended Scaffold

For speed and safety, you can’t beat the HAKI Universal scaffold system for suspended scaffolding.

HAKI’s experience over the years in scaffolding construction within the offshore and shipbuilding industry have resulted in a unique range of suspension devices that make it possible to suspend scaffolding from virtually any load-bearing structure.

HAKI Component Features
Constructed in both galvanized steel and aluminium, HAKI suspension solutions use fewer components compared to other systems available, with the benefit of reducing project timescales.

Using the HAKI Guard Rail and beam rider, hanging scaffolds can be built from behind moving leading-edge protection – increasing the safety of workers when building working platforms.

Lightweight, HAKI Universal is 50% lighter than other systems when used in a suspended or hanging scaffold.

HAKI Benefits

  • Saves on possessions and disruption, for example road closure
  • No special or alternative Standards required
  • 3.05m x 3.05m grids requiring less components, effort and time
  • Large bays with fewer contact points
  • Choice of decking system or scaffold board



Let HAKI’s global team of experts find you a safe, adaptable access solution.