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As current infrastructure starts to rapidly age, the global market is investing to update rail, roads, bridges and other transportation systems to accommodate increasing levels of traffic, global supply chains, and protect against natural catastrophes. This is leading to a robust number of contracts being awarded in the infrastructure sector.

HAKI’s decades of experience working on infrastructure projects means we understand the pressures for contractors to:

Enhance safety for individuals working at height and in excavations

HAKI is a trusted partner for delivering innovative scaffolding solutions that provide access at height while minimizing risks to your contractors and workers.

The market-leading HAKI Stair Tower is trusted by contractors worldwide, for safe working at height on temporary works projects. With a 4kN/m² loading class, the stair tower is recommended by organisations like the Considerate Construction Scheme as the best temporary access for excavations when it comes to safety. The HAKI Stair Tower is available in 2m, 1.5m and 1m lifts and variety of arrangements including clockwise and anti-clockwise ascents and twin flight staircases. The newer, MK2 Symmetrical Stair also offers flush landings to minimize risk of trips. For smaller spaces, there is also the option of the HAKI Compact Stair, which carries many of the same safety benefits.

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For infrastructure projects that require bridge maintenance,the HAKISPAN system is second to none. The complete lacing, bracing and decking system provides safe, but quick, suspended and bridged access. It offers large static or mobile working platforms while reducing the self-weight of structures by up to 80% – and is 10 times faster to erect than traditional aluminium beams due to less material and the adaptable nature of the system. Using a unique beam launch method of erection, the HAKISPAN structure can also be built and dismantled using collective fall prevention from bays either side – keeping safety when working at height paramount.

In addition, our Advanced Guard Rail (AGR) achieves collective fall prevention on all steps, walkways and elevated platforms, and means collective measures are always used in the erection and dismantling of HAKI solutions, as there is no need to temporarily install or remove guard rails – so fall restraint is always present. The unique ‘hook-on’ and spring-lock system also ensures structures are robust and are not at risk of displacement, while fewer, prefabricated components offer rigid stability and reduces danger of falling materials.

HAKI also offer expert engineering services, on-site support and training is offered to ensure safe and effective designs and erection of all HAKI products – find out more here.

Provide access for workers and the public whilst works are ongoing

Where temporary public access is needed, we recommend using HAKI’s Public Access Stair (PAS) and Bridge System (HBS).

In line with the UK’s leading standards, the PAS and HBS comply with requirements of current building regulations to ensure the safety of people when gaining access and moving about while works are ongoing. Both have widths up to 2500mm and loadings up to 7.5 kN/m², so the access solutions can handle high volumes of footfall; making them ideal for public and contractor access on rail and road projects.

Click here to read more about doing temporary public access, the safe way with HAKI.

Achieve strict project deadlines and reduce possession times by maximizing productivity, without compromising safety

The speed of the HAKI system comes into its own when used as scaffold for infrastructure projects. Not only can structures be erected and dismantled quickly due to the nature of the HAKI system, the ability to crane lift and roll-out structures means stairs and bridges can be positioned with minimal possession time and without being impacted by weather or other environmental conditions – as shown in the video below. This ultimately reduces labour costs and enables projects to be delivered in accordance to strict deadlines.

Summary of HAKI benefits in the infrastructure sector:

  1. 1. Market-leading strength Stair Tower for access and egress in excavations
  2. 2. Complete lacing, bracing and decking HAKISPAN system for safe and quick suspended access, ideal for bridge maintenance
  3. 3. Collective measures and fall prevention at all times, thanks to the HAKI Advanced Guard Rail
  4. 4. Minimal possession times of railways, roads and rivers due to crane and roll-out placement of temporary access solutions
  5. 5. Public access solutions that put safety first, with impressive loading capacities and spacious walkways that withstand high-levels of footfall over long periods of time
  6. 6. Reduced risk of falling materials and component displacement 
  7. 7. Training, engineering and on-site support services available to ensure safe design and erection of HAKI structures

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