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HAKI scaffolding, weather protection systems and stair towers are used in a wide variety of sectors – from construction and process industry projects, to offshore and oil & gas contracts – all over the globe.

HAKI provide technical expertise, training and on-site support to help customers optimize their investment and raise industry standards, whatever the environment. We have a track record of overcoming challenges with tailored solutions suitable for complex environments – it’s just one of the many great reasons why contractors work with us.


Adaptable, lightweight, safer HAKI access solutions are ideal for the fast-paced construction industry. Find out how HAKI Stair Towers and Loading Tower can be used alongside the Universal scaffolding system to achieve maximum efficiency on site.

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HAKI’s decades of experience working on infrastructure projects means we understand the pressures for contractors to enhance safety for both workers and the public, reduce possession times and achieve string deadlines. Learn how our innovative solutions, such as the roll-out HAKI Bridge System (HBS) and Public Access Stair (PAS), enable contractors to achieve these.

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Process Industry

HAKI works together with clients on petrochemical sites to deliver complex scaffolding structures – replacing tube and fittings in event the tightest of areas. Ultimately, these solutions improve safety, efficiency and get the plant back up and running in accordance to tight deadlines.

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Power Generation

Using the HAKI Universal scaffold system for power generation sites, including nuclear power stations, is ideal. The speed, adaptability and, above all, safe methods of erection help contractors complete projects on time and within budget.

HAKI is proud to currently be involved in the build of Hinkely Point C. 

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Oil & Gas

HAKI excels in high risk situations, like oil & gas projects, where meticulous planning is required to ensure the best possible levels of safety, efficiency and productivity.

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Renowned for being complex and demanding, offshore projects require bespoke, adaptable temporary access and scaffolding solutions that can increase efficiency and productivity, whilst also improving safety in a high-risk environment.

HAKI has benefited a number of offshore projects, including temporary works on the Total Dunbar and Equinor Platform.

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Shipyards and Shipbuilding

HAKI systems meet design criteria for internal and external scaffold requirements to access ship hulls. They also provide worker access solutions in dry dock applications.

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Special projects

The adaptability of HAKI systems make them ideal for special projects, including spectator terraces and seating stands, football staircases, and heritage projects.

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