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Technical Support

Working with HAKI means far more than just proven scaffolding and access equipment; it means working with people who have the technical expertise and understand the scaffolding industry across the globe.

HAKI Technical expertise
HAKI’s global network of technical design, manufacturing and engineering experts offers project support information including estimating software solutions, on-site assessment solutions and recommendations.

HAKI Documentation
HAKI supplies up-to-date user guides and other materials to support our partners and customers covering the full range of HAKI products.

HAKI Technical team
HAKI’s technical teams provide on-site instruction and problem-solving together with on the job advice.
Together, our engineering and technical experts’ skills and knowledge ensure that customers get the absolute maximum productivity, speed, safety and adaptability from HAKI components on every single job.
Buy into HAKI and you buy into a lifetime of technical knowledge, expertise and first class support services.