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HAKI Releases 20% Promotion On HAKITEC 750 System

HAKI has launched a 20% discount on its HAKITEC 750 temporary roof system course. The HAKITEC 750 temporary roof system programme features a jam-packed two-day schedule where participants learn how to safely erect, adapt and dismantle the pioneering HAKITEC 750 temporary roof system, a solution as seen on the construction of Hinkley Point C.


Course details  

The two-day course will give delegates a comprehensive understanding of the HAKITEC 750 temporary roof system through a range of practical and theoretical sessions. As well as getting to grips with the system’s basic components, participants will learn how to prepare the scaffold, erect and dismantle the HAKITEC 750 temporary roof system and gain valuable insight which cannot be found anywhere else. On completion of the course, participants will be able to utilise the HAKITEC 750 temporary roof system across an array of sites to assure quality and safety.  

HAKI is offering 20% off the course for any delegate who signs up from mid-March to the closing date at the end of April 2021. Usually valued at £400 (ex. VAT), for a limited time, the discount means participants will pay only £320.  

Successful delegates of the course receive a HAKI certificate and photo ID badge. 

How to book 

The HAKITEC 750 temporary roof system course is live for bookinghttps://www.haki.com/services/training/booking/ Please quote HAKITEC20% to receive the discount. Prospective participants must have completed HAKI’s CISRS Basic Part 2 course to be eligible.   

About the HAKITEC 750 system 

The HAKITEC 750 temporary roof system can be quickly assembled to provide robust weather protection and covering for medium and large sites. Unlike most other temporary roof systems, the HAKITEC 750 uses very few components, making it simple to build in-situ from a scaffolder safe zone or crane into position if space is available. 

The HAKITEC 750 temporary roof system’s innovative roll-out method of erection ensures safe assembly from secure, guarded platforms and removes the need for scaffolders to venture onto roof trusses. Collective fall prevention is used throughout erection with this method. 

Terms and Conditions  

The final date to use the 20% discount on one HAKITEC 750 temporary roof system course is 30th April 2021. There is limited availability on each course, with only a maximum of six places available. No proof of purchase requirements. Only the discount code will be used. There are no further restrictions to our normal T&Cs. 

Speak with us for training outside of the UK, COTS or BASE courses, or custom / on-site requirements.