Leading scaffold design consultancy, 9Design, has incorporated the HAKI BIM plugin tool to streamline project delivery, save time, and attain better control and visibility of its scaffold projects. 

The multiple benefits of the HAKI BIM plugin tool were clear to see when 9Design created a complex scaffold design for its client, NJS Australia, a domestic and commercial scaffold specialist. On this project, a public water station in Queensland, Australia operated by Urban Utilities, it was essential to create a simple design which would bring the project to life, highlighting the areas which needed to be accessed and identifying any clashes which could emerge. 


On this project, the HAKI BIM tool enabled 9Design to see exactly where the valves and pipes ran in order to correctly position the scaffold and avoid any unwanted collisions with these items. 


The BIM model enabled 9Design to carry out detailed analysis of the models easily, which quickened the processes on a time-sensitive project. The simulation also negated the need for manual calculations, increasing reliability and preventing any duplication of effort. 


Speaking on the efficiency of the HAKI BIM plugin tool, Oliver Daughtrey from 9Design explains: 


HAKI’s tool is a breath of fresh air for the scaffold industry. It is simple, versatile and easy-to-use, and is suitable for a range of scaffold projects. The tool really comes into its own and means our clients can completely visualise the entire scaffold design. The HAKI BIM tool allows our clients to view the model onsite, where they can interact with it to attain a deeper understanding of what the design will look like. 


“Traditional, manual 2D drawings cannot compare. We all know 2D drawings on AutoCAD can become messy at times, if and when amendments are necessary. Yet, with the HAKI BIM tool, changes to the model are automatically updated in all of the views and sheets, and can be accessed by everyone. On the AutoCAD system, however, you have to go in and manually change everything. Time is so precious, yet with HAKI’s BIM tool we have been able to use our time wisely for the benefit of our clients. They can make decisions onsite in no time at all, and can be confident in the choices that are made.” 


The tool also helps 9Design secure future prospects, as the designers can give presentations to potential clients to showcase the benefits of using such a project-changing tool. 


Clients can see for themselves how the tool can improve workflow and reduce reworks at later stages,” Oliver continues. “Any errors can be identified at the beginning, which means you can analyse and visualise the entire design from early on.” This also means 9Design is able to calculate how many parts are needed to do the job, to reduce waste and ensure customers get the exact amount delivered to site without having to order more. 


“The HAKI BIM plugin tool for Autodesk Revit, can also capture the reality of the scaffold design, enabling thorough structural analysis to be performed. More than anything this tool assures safety. With HAKI BIM, we can be assured any figures are correct.” 


Although BIM is still in its infancy in the scaffold sector, 9Design feels as if HAKI is ahead of the game. 


We haven’t been on any project where the HAKI BIM plugin hasn’t been successful. It drives productivity, saves time, and is a huge confidence boost. This is primarily down to its capacity to spot any areas of conflict before it goes out to the customer.” 


Commenting on HAKI’s technical support, Oliver expresses: 


HAKI offered us no end of support and they were always willing to help us. 


“When you look at what the tool can achieve, it is quite remarkable. It has enabled us to completely revolutionise the way we deliver the designs to our clients. HAKI BIM’s capabilities are so surprising, and the quality of the finished product which you present to your clients exceeds anything that can be achieved in 2D.” 


Empowering 9Design and its supply chain to make important decisions on time-sensitive projects, the adoption of the HAKI BIM plugin tool has completely streamlined the company’s processes, improved relationships with its customers and enabled 9Design to secure future work on temporary access projects across the globe.