Sustainability is an integral part of HAKI’s strategy for long-term growth. It is focused on 3 main commitments: being a front runner in safety, an environmental partner and a responsible company.


Front runner in safety


SDG 3:

Good health 
and wellbeing


HAKI provides both physical and mental healthcare initiatives for all employees and promotes a non-smoking environment at offices and depots. HSE reviews, at all HAKI locations, also enforce workplace health, safety and welfare, and prevent occupational risks for workers.


To protect the health and wellbeing of external stakeholders, HAKI continuously innovates new, safer products, and delivers training and onsite support for installers and operatives for safe application on projects.


SDG 8:
Decent work and economic growth


HAKI is a member of and is audited by industry-leading trade bodies; adhering guidance for safe working practices. In addition, several HAKI employees have been welcomed on to scaffolding committees and boards of trade bodies to discuss and advise on cultural issues, in efforts to guide the overall industry and support economic growth.

An environmental partner

SDG 12

SDG 12:


Responsible consumption and production 


HAKI plays a role in the industry’s environmental progress by minimizing environmental impact. We continuously develop and optimize products, services and operations, to target reduced emissions, recycling and waste management practices, and sustainable procurement.


Some of what we do today includes:

  • Placing high importance on environmental impact for all purchasing decisions
  • Developing components with a long product life
  • Designing products so they are easier to recycle
  • Recycling waste material on all HAKI sites

A responsible company

SDG 5, 10 & 16

SDG 5, 10 & 16


Gender equality, reduced inequalities, peace, justice and strong institutions


Being a responsible company plays an important role for being an attractive and trusted employer and business partner.


Internal whistle blowing procedures and equal career opportunities and working conditions for all HAKI employees encourages an internal culture that fosters business integrity and ethical operations.


HAKI is continuously reviewing its approach in accordance to our commitments and the SDG’s, to improve sustainability at every opportunity.