Part of HAKI’s digital tools and expert support services includes our scanner service. All are available to help you achieve maximum safety and efficiency in any environment. 


HAKI use a high-speed Trimble X7 3D laser scanner that scans objects and surroundings into a point cloud with 99.99% accuracy. 


The point cloud can be imported in Revit, giving an accurate 3D model of the building to work on for the further planning of scaffolding and temporary access needs. 


The scanner is especially suited for objects and buildings where there are no drawings or documentation available, allowing HAKI’s unrivalled technical expertise and specialist solutions to be integrated into daily operations.  

It gives direct results that you can access on-site via a device, and can scan in harsh weather conditions, from -20 degrees to + 40 degrees. 

Typical suitable projects are those with a long operating period or prestige projects in the tender phase.