HAKI has the most adaptable and durable safe access solutions on the market. The systems are compatible with each other and can be used time and time again in a variety of structures. We also ensure that our newer systems work with the older ones, such as our system scaffold, so they are easy to grow with and lead to significant long term cost savings. 


Furthermore, HAKI is a clear market leader when it comes to safety, even in very tough environments when using our weather protection and worker safety systems. Our solutions have been known to increase productivity by up to 60% – due to minimal, lightweight components and a quick, simple ‘hook-on’ method of erection whilst improving the safety of operatives on every job when using Edge Protection  


Most HAKI systems are manufactured in extremely durable high tensile, hot-dip galvanised steel or in aluminium. It has been known for HAKI system scaffolding products to still be in use for 30-40 years. This is good for the environment, good for the economy and good for the user who has made the investment. The material also is 30% lower in weight than comparable tube and fitting components.


So, for many reasons: choose HAKI.