Smart Lifting Solutions

elebia Lifting

elebia is the market leader in automatic crane hooks. That status is well-earned thanks to its unique feature allowing the operator to manoeuvre the hook remotely. Use of elebia lifting hooks removes the need for manual handling in potentially dangerous environments. The remote function of elebia lifting hooks places the operator at a safe distance from the hook entirely removing the risk of injury as well as significantly improving productivity.


The elebia Lifting range provides items designed to help you work faster, safer and better allowing you to engineer the future of smart lifting. A range of evo and NEO Automatic Lifting Hooks are available in various lifting capacities from 2 tonnes up to 100. In addition to this the eTrack and C5/C6 Lifting Clamps are offered as the perfect tools for lifting steel plates, beams, pipes and singular rail sections.


elebia also provide a vast array of customisation options to suit your application including a range of Remote Controls in multiple sizes to control one or many lifting products, Batteries and Chargers and complementary Accessories to help you to bolster safety and reduce risks.


What are the benefits of the elebia Lifting range?


  • Increase productivity – Hook on and release any load remotely
  • Enhance safety – Keep operators away from the load
  • Minimise risks – Avoid additional handling and moving


Engineering the future of smart lifting TODAY!