When it came to providing the temporary access solutions for a programme of works on a busy ferry terminal connecting Helsingborg, Sweden and Helsingör, Denmark, HAKI was able to step-up and accept the challenge. 

This popular ferry route, which crosses the Øresund strait, is used widely by Swedish and Danish nationals and visitors to Helsingör; a city famed for its connections to Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. With ferries setting off for 20-minute journeys up to four times an hour, it was essential to use a cost-effective, quick-to-install scaffold and temporary access solution that causes minimal disruption to the terminal’s tight schedule. 

As time was of the essence on this project it was vital for the client, scaffolding contractor Sydställningar, to select a company it could trust. Offering the best technical solution on the market, together with a sophisticated scaffold structure, HAKI was well poised to deliver a safe, solid bridge support solution that would reinforce two 18-metre suspension bridges. This design would enable a secure, public access walkway for the residents and ferry travellers moving between a new district called Oceanhamnen and the port entrance to Helsingborg. 


The concept and solution were presented to PEAB by HAKI’s Senior Technical Sales Engineer Dennis Ragnar, who calculated and tendered for the work in cooperation with Sydställningar’s Daniel Nilsson. 


To assure safe access, HAKI’s market-leading temporary bridge system with public access stairs were the orders of the day. The HAKI Bridge System is perfect for creating crossings and walkways on both small and large infrastructure projects. Designed in accordance with leading British and European standards, the system can handle impressive loadings of up to 7.5kN/m2; likewise, so can the HAKI Public Access Stair. The system can be erected in a way to best reflect the demands of any project, using roll-out, crane or built in-situ, and can be executed quickly and securely to keep disruption to a minimum. Part of the Universal range, HAKI’s shoring scaffolding was also implemented to relieve the load on permanent structures. 


Commenting on HAKI’s pioneering services and systems, Daniel Nilsson, Site Manager at Sydställningar said: 


HAKI provided no end of technical support on this project. We required a high-performance temporary bridge system which delivered on quality, performance and most importantly, safety. We were able to meet these high demands by selecting HAKI, who played an essential role in the successful delivery of this time-sensitive project.” 


The HAKI Bridge System will be in-situ for up to a year, until the permanent bridge is completed. HAKI’s solution can last multiple years, dependent on footfall, with routine checks performed throughout the project lifecycle. 


With the presence of HAKI’s temporary access solutions providing safe access to and from the Helsingborg terminal, residents and travellers are able to move freely and securely between the port and the emerging district of Oceanhamnen; causing minimal disruption to the ferry journeys that maintain important connections between Sweden and its eternal neighbour, Denmark.