In the shadow of the world iconic Tower Bridge, is the prime residential site of Number One Tower Bridge, London. 


Commanding stunning views of the river Thames this development comprises almost 400 apartments spread across 9 blocks ranging from 5 to 20 storeys high. 


The Project Scope

Contractor A J Morrisroe appointed by Berkeley Homes engaged the services of HAKI Edge to provide its Catchfan across the 12,500 square metres to provide a first class containment solution to protect its workforce and London’s general public on the streets below. 


HAKI Edge Catchfans

Our Catchfans have a reputation worldwide for providing newly-improved containment in high-rise collective protection. This product is available in 3 different sizes: Standard, Catchfan Mini and Catchfan Maxi – all providing their own benefits to suit different construction projects. The Catchfan brings a new level of safety to construction when working at height.  


This product provided the main contractor the required assurances by exceeding industry requirements for site safety being capable of arresting and containing falling persons and debris. 


This solution is fast becoming the preferred industry choice to mitigate risk beyond the edge. 


Our team of experts are always available for more information about our Edge Protection products.