HAKI At the forefront of design innovation with the trimble X7 3D Laser Scanner 


HAKI are delighted to launch another new innovative system, the Trimble X7 3D laser scanner, to its already impressive digital offering. 

The Trimble X7 allows HAKI to scan buildings as part of a seamless integration with the HAKI Building Information Modeling (BIM) design tool which has been nominated for awards. The new launch will make it quick and easy to create and import detailed 3D models and drawings across complex environments. 


Already regarded as the market’s most adaptable and sustainable scaffolding system, this new launch allows HAKI to offer even more advanced services for planning and implementing projects; which can save a substantial amount of time and reduce the risk of errors both in the planning phase and on-site. 


As many as 54 percent of construction companies state that they are in great need of digital drawings. And now, with the robust Trimble X7 3D laser scanner that has a built-in IMU that registers when the scanner is moving, 3D models are created which are 99.9 percent accurate and seamlessly integrated with the HAKI BIM design tool. 


“The integration with our design tools open up new possibilities” says HAKI CEO, Thomas Schüller, about the advantages of the scanner that can be used on bridges, buildings, complex industrial buildings, castles and churches; places where you usually don’t have drawings at all or very old inaccurate drawings. 


“Because it’s not just about being able to quickly produce exact 3D models, but also being able to handle them in a smooth way in the project. Now everything is in one service and we are proud to be the first in the industry to implement this type of solution. Through technology, complex projects can become more efficient both in terms of time and costs.” 


HAKI are excited to showcase examples of the self-adjusting Trimble X7 in the future.