The HAKI Site Stair Is The Solution Of Choice 


The HAKI Stair Tower range leads the market in strength, safety and quality, and features on complex scaffold and temporary access projects including the likes of Hinkley Point C. The popular HAKI Site Stair is a core member of the HAKI Stair Tower family. It boasts a whole host of benefits that make it the stair tower of choice for contractors worldwide who seek a quality system to provide safe access and egress onsite. 


Recognised by industry bodies such as the Considerate Constructors Scheme, the HAKI Site Stair has a loading class of 4kN/m2. It has stair components that are 25% lighter, meaning it reduces manual handling. The HAKI Site Stair has been designed with the end user in mind and is built with a twin flight configuration to enable ease-of-use and flexibility. 


This pioneering solution comprises HAKI’s patented ‘hook-on’ locking catch system for even quicker assembly and disassembly. The HAKI Site Stair also encompasses flush landings to reduce trip and head injuries. 


Such is its quality, safety and versatility, the HAKI Site Stair is ideal for an array of markets spanning construction, infrastructure and oil and gas. 


Speaking on the HAKI Site Stair’s quality and safety credentials, Lester Brown from HAKI said: “All the improvements are customer driven, providing even safer access and egress across all manner of sites.” 


The numerous benefits of HAKI’s Stair Towers are clear to see on Hinkley Point C. HAKI’s staircase systems have provided safe public access stairs for even the deepest digs onsite, to assure routine and emergency access and egress to workstations site-wide. 


For more information on the HAKI site stair see the website or download the HAKI app on your iOS device. Or you can always call us.