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HAKI Compact Stair Tower

The world famous HAKI Compact Stair Tower has been designed for sites where space is at a premium.

With a footprint of 2.5m x 1.25m the stair tower can fit into small spaces. It’s equally as adaptable as its larger cousin the traditional stair, where side and end exits are possible.

Although compact, the stair width is large enough to provide safe and comfortable access and has option for a 1.5m or 2m flight to first lift.

Non-slip treads and landings made with mesh grating ensure safety and clean work boots, reducing site debris on the stair tower and the working platform.

Full toe board system can be used on any landing with or without exits reducing the chance of falling objects from the stair tower to the lifts or ground below.

Choose the right stair for the job with the HAKI Stair Chart


Let HAKI’s global team of experts find you a safe, adaptable access solution.