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Designed to give you the competitive edge, HAKI 750 AL is more than just a beam.

Offering a unique lacing and bracing system, HAKI 750 AL is the strongest aluminium beam available, specially designed to handle greater loads while providing large clear spans.

Compatible with system boards or scaffolding boards and with the need for tube and fitting eliminated, HAKI 750 AL has been designed with the innovation and quality that has become the trademark of all HAKI products.

HAKISPAN for bridge maintenance, using the 750 beam

Using a unique beam launch method, the HAKISPAN structure can be built and dismantled using collective fall prevention measures from bays either side; keeping safety paramount, whilst reducing programme times to save on possessions and road closures.

Compared to traditional bracing, HAKISPAN is more reliable with automatic squaring through systemization, eliminating the need for tube and fitting. And the unique section of the bottom chord means that the beam has no reduction in strength whether it is in tension or compression.

HAKISPAN has achieved 50% time savings through rapid installation and reduction in equipment volumes.

Static and mobile working platforms can be safely suspended from the span using specially designed clamps and suspension devices, to allow work to be carried out at the required section of the bridge per project phase.

A variety of decking methods can be used with the HAKISPAN system, including traditional scaffold boards and steel system decks across or parallel to beams.

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