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750 Temporary Roof

HAKITEC weather protection and temporary roof systems protect your construction site and make the work being carried out both comfortable and safe all year round in any type of weather.

Easy to assemble
HAKITEC has unusually few components as a scaffolding cover. This makes the weather protection very easy to build in situ from a scaffolders’ safe zone, or to crane into position if space is available. The systems have a simple yet functional design that can be adapted to all types of buildings, ships, outdoor construction sites or other needs.

Lattice beams with superior strength
HAKITEC is the generic term for a complete system for weather protection and covering. The system is based on aluminium lattice beams of height 750mm and 450mm. The robust beams provide very strong structures with large spans and a long service life.
HAKITEC can be used again and again.

Rolling or Static Build
Keeping safety at the center of everything we do, HAKI has three methods of erection: Hand-build, Crane lift, or the innovative roll-out method.

The HAKITEC Roll-Out method of roof erection removes the need for scaffolders to venture onto the roof truss. All scaffold erection and sheeting is conducted from secure guarded platforms.

As with all HAKI products, the components can be utilized in multiple applications. The HAKITEC 750 beam is particularly effective in suspended scaffold structures.


Let HAKI’s global team of experts find you a safe, adaptable access solution.