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Independent Scaffold

The HAKI Universal 7-10 core components are the perfect system for all independent scaffolding applications, providing maximum productivity across a wide range of structures.

Speed and adaptability is essential in completing high volumes of independent scaffolding in tight time frames. The solution is the HAKI Universal Ledger Beam with its unique patented spring locking catch and capacity for load bearing connections that can be made horizontally and vertically anywhere along its length.

Together with the HAKI Universal Beam Rider, returns and in-fills can be created at any point, in addition to allowing ‘fly past’ at corners providing maximized bay lengths.


  • A totally safe system of work with the unique HAKI Advanced Guard Rail and spring locking catch method
  • Board supports that can be positioned anywhere, ensuring that Planking or System Decking provides a close flush fitting boarded platform
  • Large Bays up to 3.05m – Large bay length reduces erection times and therefore installation costs
  • Can be adapted to support Load classes from 1 – 6
  • Up to 50% faster to erect than other methods and 30% lighter than other systems
  • Levelled once at base only
  • No loose or small fittings and minimal moving parts



Let HAKI’s global team of experts find you a safe, adaptable access solution.