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HAKI Universal Steel

HAKI offer a complete product range in lightweight Steel system scaffolding – helping you comply with global industry safety standards.

HAKI Universal scaffolding is safer, faster and lighter than ever. And its high levels of adaptability enable you to save on labour time and boost site productivity, safely


HAKI Stair Towers are the safe solution to meeting working at height regulations.

With all steel construction, HAKI Stair Towers are robust enough for even the toughest jobs.

HAKITEC Weather Protection

Looking for a safe, dry site? HAKITEC Weather protection systems protect your construction site and make the work being carried out both comfortable and safe all year round in any type of weather.

HAKITEC temporary roof systems have a simple yet functional design that can be adapted to all types of buildings, ships, outdoor construction sites or other needs.

HAKI Universal Aluminum

HAKI offers the complete Universal system in Aluminum.

The HAKI Aluminum system is over 50% lighter than the Steel option. This offers not only manual handling benefits, but enables access in tough environmental conditions where it outperforms its Steel counterparts, such as Offshore.


The HAKI Bridge System (HBS) is an innovative, safe and quick to erect temporary bridge system.

Intended as either a temporary public footbridge or a spine beam for higher load applications, the HBS can be erected by crane, in-situ or by using our revolutionary roll-out method.


More than just beams- integral within HAKI Temporary Roofs, Shelters, Temporary Buildings and HAKISpan.

Systematised lacing and bracing eliminates the need for tube and fitting.
The robust beams provide very strong structures with large spans and a long service life.