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Where a fast-paced environment requires a fast-paced scaffold, HAKI outperforms.

With lightweight steel and even lighter aluminum options, structures can be erected quickly and efficiently, minimizing risk and impact on construction and building projects.

Employing HAKI load bearing ledger beams and off node connections for in-fills, returns and vertical connections, can be made easily. This means that large bay sizes can be utilized for maximum productivity, with fewer tie or contact points necessary to the structure.

Benefits of HAKI scaffolding for construction projects
Only 7-10 core components are required for the majority of scaffolds, meaning that the same components in stair towers, loading towers, suspended scaffolds, beam spans, temporary roofs and temporary buildings can be utilized within building projects.

This together with the advanced guardrail system, a scaffolder’s safe zone is created quickly, easily and forms a safe environment at all times.

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