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Construction and Housebuilding

This fast-paced industry requires innovative temporary works equipment to meet project tight deadlines – and where scaffolding for construction is required, HAKI outperforms the market.

Safer solutions

The safest method of temporary access for construction sites is achievable through use of the HAKI stair tower range.

As the strongest on the market, with a 4kN/m² loading class, the HAKI Stair Tower is trusted by contractors worldwide for heightened safety, adaptability and speed. And for those projects where space is minimal the Compact Stair can be used to achieve the same level of safety in smaller footprints.

There is also the HAKI Slim Stair (UTV) which is a suitable ladder replacement for inside or outside scaffolds.

On top of this, safety is enhanced on site through use of the HAKI Advanced Guard Rail system. This allows structures to be erected using collective measures at all times and offers a safer environment when working from a scaffold platform.

HAKI Loading Towers can also be used for construction projects to preserve the safety of construction workers and eliminate the risk of falls from height involving materials or personnel.

Plus, should a site need hoarding or enclosing, the HAKI Cladding System can be used to prevent unwanted access and reduce noise in public areas.

Lightweight, minimal components

The HAKI Universal scaffolding system comes in lightweight steel and aluminium options, and just 7-10 main components are needed to build scaffolds commonly used in the construction industry. This means structures can be erected quickly and efficiently, minimizing risk and impact to workers on building sites.

Did you know? HAKI Universal can be 60% quicker to erect than traditional scaffolding and up to 30% faster than other systems.

Adaptable scaffolding

The unique HAKI load-bearing ledger beam means off node connections for in-fills, returns and vertical connections, can be made easily. This allows large bays to be utilized for maximum productivity in construction projects, with fewer tie or contact points necessary to a scaffold structure.


As the Universal scaffolding system only uses 7-10 core components, various scaffolds like independent, birdcage and circular, can be erected time and time again with a single investment in HAKI.

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