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Renowned for being complex and demanding, offshore projects require bespoke, adaptable temporary access and scaffolding solutions that can increase efficiency and productivity, whilst also improving safety in a high-risk environment.

Offshore safety

Providing safe working conditions is HAKI’s number one priority. We continuously work with all stakeholders to ensure safe practices that meet and exceed regulations, worldwide, so those in proximity with our temporary access and scaffolding solutions get home safety.

There are a number of inherent safety benefits achieved by using HAKI Universal in offshore projects:

  1. 1. HAKI Universal is 50-times lighter than other systems when used in a suspended scaffol, meaning significant reduction of loads into the structure.
  2. 2. A unique range of suspension devices make it possible to suspend safely from almost any load-bearing structure, using fewer components than tube and fitting and other systems.
  3. 3. The Universal scaffolding system allows a ‘scaffolder safe zone’ to be created and maintained during erection, modification and dismantling without need for additional resource.
  4. 4. The HAKI Advanced Guard Rail eliminates the risk of going overboard, removing the need for stand by boats when working on the outside of a rig/FPSO. It can even be used as leading-edge protection during the erection of suspended scaffolds.
  5. 5. The simplicity of HAKI Universal scaffolding significantly reduces time working over-side. In one case, this was from 10 man days to just 5 man hours – read the full case study.
  6. 6. HAKI scaffold structures can be built suspended and lift/moved as necessary once erected, making it safer offshore.
  7. 6. HAKI Universal scaffolding can simply be used as a step over to provide workers safe access across temporary pipe works.
  8. 7. State-of-the-art manufacturing processes means HAKI can assure consistently high-quality components that are traceable all the way back to their raw material.

In addition, HAKI’s expert design engineering, support and training services lead to safer assembly of our solutions, preventing falls from height or displacement of materials.

Efficient suspended scaffolding

HAKI’s decades of experience within the offshore, petrochemical and shipbuilding industries has resulted in a unique range of suspension devices, which make it possible to suspend scaffolding from virtually any load-bearing structure.

Constructed in both galvanized steel and aluminium, HAKI’s suspended solutions use fewer components compared to other systems; enabling reduced project timescales. HAKI components can also carry load as soon as the hook has entered the pocket on a HAKI standard, whereas ring systems require the wedge to be fastened. This means just one person is required to mount a HAKI suspended scaffold, in comparison to the two needed when using a ring system.

Safe assembly of large 3.05m x 3.05m bays is made simpler, using HAKI’s multi-functional ledger beam inverted as a suspension device to lower second lifts into place using collective fall measures – as demonstrated in the video above.

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