In Partnership with

Bringing collaborative working in the scaffolding sector to life

IBN Scaffold Access Ltd was founded in the UK in 2001 originally as a Tube and Fitting company and then over the years started to use and recognize the benefits of various HAKI products. In particular the HAKI Loading Towers and HAKI Stair Towers were the starting point of a great collaborative relationship which then brought about a commitment from IBN to invest in the HAKI Universal in early 2021 which is now widely used throughout the company.


There are two significant projects this year which IBN and the HAKI Universal demonstrate a cohesive partnership; with one being a substantial apartment block in Rotherham and the second being a project for HMP Moorland with the HAKI Universal being used to scaffold the prison wings and will be dismantled and re-erected for each wing over the next 3-4 years.


With the support of HAKI’s experienced personnel at their training centre in Milton Keynes, IBN received a greater understanding of the benefits of using the HAKI Universal and achieve better erect and dismantle timescales on projects over traditional tube and fitting scaffolds.


Above and beyond this, the below benefits also gave IBN Scaffold Access Ltd the confidence to invest in the system:


  • Using the system requires less labour which is a huge consideration given the current skills gap in the industry
  • It requires less components resulting in reduced transports charges
  • With HAKI Universal Decks IBN are moving away from a reliance on timber scaffold boards which are in short supply
  • Ongoing support and training from HAKI personnel which therefore ensures the most efficient methods for any current and future project
  • With the versatility of the products the HAKI Universal works perfectly with IBN’s existing stock of HAKI Stair Towers and Loading Bays
  • It has become clear that the IBN operatives want to use the HAKI products


IBN Scaffold Access Ltd and HAKI are looking forward to a continuation of a successful partnership which epitomizes the direction of the scaffolding sector of collaborative and mutually beneficial relationships.