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An Uncompromising Collaboration with Taziker

Our partnership philosophy and approach led us to forge a unique relationship with Taziker, one of the sector’s leading multi-disciplinary engineering specialists.


It was for these compelling reasons, and more, that led us to forge a unique relationship with Taziker, one of the sector’s leading multi-disciplinary engineering specialists.


Together, we are building on success.  Both companies have been leaders in their fields for generations, indeed since 1969, Taziker has seen significant growth and evolvement, and their operations now span across heritage, marine, defence, energy, highways, rail and utilities sectors. Whilst its origins were in surface preparation and painting, notably for some of the country’s most iconic engineering structures, today Taziker now holds a formidable reputation for civils work, industrial services, construction and steelwork. For Taziker, safe access solutions are paramount and so naturally they also have become of the UK’s leading specialist in scaffolding, meeting a reputation for finding access solutions for even the most challenging sites, properties and infrastructure.

We are delighted to be able to talk about this latest good news for HAKI. When forging long-sighted relationships, we believe in not only looking for the obvious commercial synergies but shared cultures, particularly a matching mindset about safety.  Our ethos is to never compromise on safety, and this really is at the heart of how we are working together with like-minded Taziker.


Early discussions demonstrated how perhaps the biggest synergy we share is a drive to go the extra mile for our customers, whether in meeting the challenges of each temporary works project or the rigorous attention to detail around worker and public safety.


Whilst we have a positive spirited agreement to continue to explore how we can work more intuitively and collaboratively going forwards, such as in custom access solutions product development; right now, the significant area we are working together on is an advanced approach to competitive tendering.  We are looking at projects earlier, more in-depth and are leveraging HAKI’s BIM systems, offering greater depth to designs for more accurate and complete solutions.


Another critical component of our working together is in design and on-site support.  Within HAKI in the UK we have a first-class design and technical support team with hundreds of years of collective expertise and experience.  An example already of how they are collaborating to meet a higher standard was the full-scale prototyping of a custom access solution using the HAKI for a suspended scaffold under a historic bridge where there were unique requirements and considerations.


It’s this uncompromising approach to safety that’s at the heart of us driving standards and achieving success, together.