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HAKI innovation and talent recognised by the NASC

HAKI is delighted to have been recognised for its innovation and talent in the NASC 2021 Yearbook.

This year, the NASC took the decision to allow contracting and non-contracting members to submit editorial for the flagship publication, in replacement of awards entries for the annual NASC Awards Ceremony, which was unfortunately cancelled due to coronavirus. Submissions could be made under five main categories: projects, excellent apprentices, innovation, H&S excellence, and high-performing personnel, with non-contracting members like HAKI being able to submit to the latter four.

HAKI’s submissions on its BIM innovation and commitment from Barry Taylor, Lester Brown, and Priscila Escobar, were appreciated by the scaffolding trade body and subsequently featured in the yearbook.

Plug & Go: HAKI BIM

HAKI’s building information modelling program, HAKI BIM offers advanced design capabilities within Autodesk Revit ® for temporary works and scaffold design engineers.

The innovative plugin to Revit improves time and project management to achieve cost-savings for contractors, consultants, and end-clients, by simplifying, speeding up, and improving accuracy in the design process. More specifically, engineers using HAKI BIM can create exact 3D models and drawings of all types of HAKI scaffolding structures, reducing risk of error and project delays. Automated bills of materials and basic loadings also support logistical planning and management.

Oliver Daughtrey from 9Design was impressed:

HAKI BIM allows our clients to attain a deeper understanding of what the design will look like. We haven’t been on any project where the plugin hasn’t been successful. It drives productivity, saves time, and is a huge confidence boost.


Above & Beyond: Barry Taylor & Lester Brown

Barry Taylor and Lester Brown have been integral to HAKI’s successful involvement in the high-profile nuclear build project, Hinkley Point C (HPC), over the past 12 months.

Offering a vast number of years’ experience in the energy, scaffolding, and temporary works industries, both Barry and Lester have provided invaluable support to subcontractors, principal contractors, and end-client NNB, on the project so far. Working from the HPC site two to three days per week, away from their families, their commitment has ensured best practice and safe application of a variety of access solutions and temporary roof systems. This has been achieved by them overseeing and inspecting necessary works and offering general support and training to the site teams using their practical knowledge of HAKI.

More recently, Barry and Lester supported the transition to HAKI Symmetrical Stair Towers across the entire site during the excavation phase of works, following review of ladder applications and safer alternatives by NNB. As part of this, they have worked vigorously alongside the client and tier 1 contractors to identify the redundant MK1 HAKI Stairs and copy systems across the Hinkley.

Simultaneously, Barry and Lester worked closely with the HAKI design team and BYLOR to conceptualise a challenging temporary roof solution to cover vital project equipment in the HPC West Pool Bunker. Their professional knowledge and experience meant final designs of the roof fulfilled complicated demands. They then proceeded to provide expert onsite supervision to BYLOR during the erection of the complex solution, with their diligence meaning “no stone was left unturned”.

Above & Beyond: Priscila Escobar

Priscila Escobar joined HAKI as design engineer in 2016, before being promoted to design engineering manager in January 2020.

Since joining HAKI in 2016 as a design engineer, Priscila has shown utmost commitment to her work and the brand. Not only has she been critical to the success of projects, but she has also gone above and beyond by supporting other areas of the business and the wider industry. This includes presenting to college students to highlight career pathways and diversity in construction and helping bring new design technologies, such as HAKI BIM, to market. Priscila also offered valuable contribution to the 2019 NASC promotional video.

Now as design manager, following promotion in January 2020, Priscila has assumed further responsibility for all UK engineering projects. After liaising directly with customers and visiting sites to establish project challenges and requirements, Priscila oversees the entire design process with external consultants and the in-house design, technical and sales teams, to provide winning solutions to contractors and their clients. Her proficiency has also extended support to global projects in Scandinavian, Canada, and Australia.

Tom Cook, Area Manager at HAKI, commented on his experience working with Priscila:

Priscila is rigorous in her application and search for solutions to complex problems in challenging environments.

Her dedication, sense of urgency, and willingness to support the sales function and our customers helps to get the best outcomes for all concerned. These qualities make her popular with our clients, who see the value she adds to help them achieve their objectives; whether this is fitting a Public Access Stair into tight spaces on London Building, suspending stairs for Tideway projects, or boosting the capabilities of HAKI for high-profile projects such as HS2 and Hinkley Point C.

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